The Randall Knife Collector

~ Pinned Brown Micarta ~

Contrary to popular belief, Brown Micarta was likely introduced in the early months of 1959 or perhaps even earlier. The image below shows pages 14 and 15 from the 1959 Randall Made Knives catalog dated February 18, 1959.  On page 15 there is a reference to Brown Micarta being an optional handle material on Models 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11 and 12 (6"). 

I personally recently discovered that some of the very first Brown Micarta Randall Made Knives were made with pinned handles in the first week or two of production because of uncertainty at that time about the new handle material and the pitch, resin, or epoxy being able to "hold up". 

Some photos of two such knives are included below.  Other examples are know to exist.  In addition, it is widely understood among collectors that after Randall stopped pinning handles on a regular basis some customers requested special order knives with pins in the handle and some knives were made with pinned handles because there was concern that the pitch, resin, or epoxy may not be "enough" on that particular knife.

1959 Pinned Brown Micarta Model 1-8 & 2-8 (Pinned During First Week or Two of Production)